The fun I had at Candytopia- ATL




My BFF and I took her little one to Candytopia in Atlanta. We had an absolute ball!! Candytopia is a interactive art exhibit that celebrates the vibrant colors of so many sugary delights that we love. Think back to the first time you watched, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That feeling, is same feeling I got while walking into the exhibit. Many people think Candytopia is for kids but I actually noticed more adults having a blast than kids. Candytopia is not just for the little ones as it has fun interactive things for us big candy lovers.

You will be fully engulfed in all of your favorite childhood candies and not to mention get your heart ready for the worlds largest marshmellow pit! This candy craze is now located in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas. Its fun for any size group, I suggest you grab the family, girl friends or a date and check it out.

This little guy loved the marshmallow pit

This little guy loved the marshmallow pit


Each room we walked into filled us with so much excitement! You will be amazed at what you see, from candy sculptures, candy walls, to candy furniture. I remember candy falling from the ceiling!!! My favorite room was a toss up between the confetti pinwheel and the marshmallow pit. The entire exhibit is not only designed for the best photo ops but the use of colors are amazing. They also have an app, I suggest you download to receive all of your pictures taken by Candytopia.

PLEASE NOTE, you will have confetti on every area of your body so dress comfortable and have fun!!


Not only did we eat enough candy for a small village but we purchased a lot of candy at the gift shop! Sugar high for days