#Pinknic2018...What a time!!

Summer is all about having fun under the sun, and enjoying outdoor festivals. Once I discovered the “Pinknic” Festival in NYC, I had to go!! This was the absolutely the best decision I've made all summer, and I recommend adding Pinknic to your summertime bucket list! Pinknic is an outdoor music festival that entails sipping on Rose’ all day, pinking up your dress attire, pinking your picnic essentials, and hanging out with your pinked-out friends. What more can a girl ask for? To me, Pinknic reminds me of a pinked-out mini version of Coachella with a Rose’ theme!


What is Pinknic? The “Pinknic” Festival is held on the magnificent Governors Island in NYC, which produces for an amazing backdrop. If you have never been, Governors Island is one of the most picturesque spots in NYC. Governors Island is located off the southern tip of Manhattan.

Prior to arriving at Pinknic, the girls and I scrambled all week to find the right outfits to accommodate the festival’s strict, but jovial dress code. Once I landed the perfect pink dress, I got super excited, and was set to experience the festival. The required advanced ticket purchase made for an easy and seamless entry onto the island, and the ferry ride from Brooklyn to Governors Island is included in the ticket as well.


Once I arrived to Governors Island, and seeing all the different shades of pink, I felt like I had stepped back into my 5-year-old self. Feeling like, I was back at Disneyland playing in my pretty pink princess dress. To top it all off, the weather was superb, making for great time, and a perfect weekend.  

Activities at the festival include frozen rose’, a Ferris wheel with views of lower Manhattan, rosé pong, a pool full of inflatable flamingos, great music and a dazzling firework show at sunset. This year Pinknic stepped it up, by adding some of NYC's most exquisite restaurants to the food garden. The atmosphere, the great food, and Rose' had a special way of bringing my friends and I closer together.


If you have extra cash to dish-out, Pinknic Festival has a VIP pass that includes some cool perks, like access to the VIP Pool Lounge and a VIP Garden full of hammocks, which I will be adding to my 2019 summer to do list.  I hope to see you guys next year and lets Rose’ all day!!

#pinknic #pinknic2018 #roseallday

#pinknic #pinknic2018 #roseallday