The EmporiYUM!!!


We spent the rest of the day eating and drinking all types of unique foods. We started out with special coconut cocktails from CoCo & CO. These drinks are amazing and made with Run from Cotton & Reed. If you are around next year and looking for cool events to hit with friends, please put EmporiYUM on your list! The ticket, the crowd and the wait are all worth it.


People that love to eat are always the best people - Juila Childs

As you may know, I am a HUGE foodie and The EmporiYUM is the foodie event of foodie events. I’ve eaten my way around a lot of food festivals but one thing different about this one, the quality of vendors!! It was a big food market @ DOCK5 in Union Market, filled with nothing but the tastiest treats from across the country. My friends and I grabbed advanced VIP tickets so that we could really get an experience. ( Do it) VIP tickets included, early admission and a fab goodie bag loaded with coupons and yummy samples.


At some point I thought I had eaten it all but then I came across Swizzler . Swizzler known for yummy grass feed burgers. Oh and, the gourmet hot dogs are to die for! Loaded toppings on a crispy bun, will have one forgetting what a regular hot dog taste like.


We had such a great time exploring and tasting but we could not leave without checking out a few others, like Ice Cream Jubliee and Maketto. Ice Cream Jubliee was the talk of the marketplace with its creative ice cream cookie sculptures and Rose floats. These sculptures ended up being shareable with friends and absolutely delicious. The Emporiyum is only once a year and geared towards a more modern, urban food lover. If you are all for a full belly then join me at next years event.