The fun I had at Candytopia- ATL




My BFF and I took her little one to Candytopia in Atlanta. We had an absolute ball!! Candytopia is a interactive art exhibit that celebrates the vibrant colors of so many sugary delights that we love. Think back to the first time you watched, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That feeling, is same feeling I got while walking into the exhibit. Many people think Candytopia is for kids but I actually noticed more adults having a blast than kids. Candytopia is not just for the little ones as it has fun interactive things for us big candy lovers.

You will be fully engulfed in all of your favorite childhood candies and not to mention get your heart ready for the worlds largest marshmellow pit! This candy craze is now located in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas. Its fun for any size group, I suggest you grab the family, girl friends or a date and check it out.

This little guy loved the marshmallow pit

This little guy loved the marshmallow pit


Each room we walked into filled us with so much excitement! You will be amazed at what you see, from candy sculptures, candy walls, to candy furniture. I remember candy falling from the ceiling!!! My favorite room was a toss up between the confetti pinwheel and the marshmallow pit. The entire exhibit is not only designed for the best photo ops but the use of colors are amazing. They also have an app, I suggest you download to receive all of your pictures taken by Candytopia.

PLEASE NOTE, you will have confetti on every area of your body so dress comfortable and have fun!!


Not only did we eat enough candy for a small village but we purchased a lot of candy at the gift shop! Sugar high for days


Bringing in year 35 with a "Getaway"


Getaway House DC has been on my to do list for a while. I wanted to do something adventurous and different for my birthday and “Glamping” seemed liked the best idea. I did a little research (because that’s what I do when looking for cool things to do) read all the reviews and BAM….its booked!

Off we go!


Whats it’s like on inside?

The cabin is absolutely amazing as it is fully supplied with everything and more. During my winter getaway it was 4 degrees but the cabin stayed nice and toasty all night. Each cabin has a generator so you’ve got electricity, hot/cold running water, a stovetop, mini fridge, and a shower/toilet.

We made a quick Target run on the way and stocked up on liquor and snacks.(who takes a getaway without drinks?) I also noticed its a few diners/restaurants and Wineries nearby. You do have the option to purchase a variety of snacks that are available in your cabin! We took advantage of the hot coco and spiced it up with some old fashion bourbon. Each cabin comes with a queen size bed ( super comfy ), linens and the absolute best view of the Shanenandoah Valley Mountains.

Cheers to the birthday girl


What is Getaway House?

Getaway House is a tiny hideaway cabin located about 2 hours outside Washington DC. The amazing part, the cabin comes fully stocked with what one would need for a getaway. The idea behind Getaway house is to disconnect, recharge and relax out in nature. At first, I thought disconnecting would be difficult but we found it super easy! We read books, played card games, cooked, played some good music and caught up on some much needed girl time.

Getaway house has outpost located in Atlanta, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and most recently the DC area. All of them book up quickly so be sure book yours ASAP!!


Where is the Hideaway?

The Getaway House is about a 2 hour drive from the District in the Shenandoah Park in Virginia. Super easy road trip down Route 66/29. On the day of your stay, Getaway House will text you the house name plus a keycode to get inside. Each cabin has an assigned name making it easy to locate on the post.


Why you should try it?

I know I know…….. A cold winter night in the woods with no Netflix and limited cell service seemed crazy at first…. but once we arrived it was all worth it. It was the perfect experience to reconnect with friends, meditate, and goal set. The house will supply you a cute reflections workbook with great games and conversations starters just in case you run out of things to do.

I actually made time to read… something I never do but plan to. Ive always had a love for nature and adventure so waking up to the sunrise in the woods was perfect to bring in my new year.

At the end of our stay, we made sure to check out Early Mountain Vineyard, it made for a nice close out to the trip.

Happy Birthday to me!


It’s not a celebration without cake

It’s not a celebration without cake

OH Yummy Miami

I am a true foodie and I’m currently on a “SEE IT” diet so visiting one of my favorite cities was perfect time. I took a quick trip to Art Basel-Miami and while the art was amazing, so was the grub!

I made sure to book the best restaurants from hidden gems to my old faithfuls. I left Miami with an extra 10 lbs but saticifed in so many ways. Take a look at my top five spots to eat and drink in Miami and get ready to book a flight!


The Local House: Amazing reviews here, check me out @yelp. Brunch was amazing and the service was perfect! We started out with yummy cocktails and Oysters. For Brunch we had the Lobster Rolls and Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes. They pair so good together … its a brunch vibe!


Puerto Sagua - OPEN LATE and Absolutely amazing! When planning my trip to Miami, I knew I wanted some good food and very authentic. This was true authentic Cuban food like made with love! 

We sat at the bar because the line was out the door. Don't worry because the line moves fast. After ready numerous reviews this Is clearly a popular spot on Miami Beach and now I know why! 

Very casual atmosphere with people from all over the world. The menu has something good for everyone. I ordered the peppered steak with a side of rice and beans, this is by far the best peppered steak Ive ever had. The steak was seasoned to perfection and went perfect with the rice and beans. 



Nikki Beach: Looking for that fabulous Miami vibe? Nikki Beach should be on your list. It’s all you can eat and for $60 bucks ( not including drinks) but worth every penny! The buffet is packed with seafood and a great mix of every type food you can think of.

The outdoor beach seating is really what creates the vibe. Its always crowed and feels like a party but can be very intimate. We hung out so hard, until we shut the place down…. it was that much fun. Live music and a DJ with a combination of people from all over the world. They have beautiful cabanas and table service if you really looking to go all they way out. The service is amazing and you can walk right out to the beach and come back to eat more.

Whenever in Miami put Nikki Beach on your list!

Our visit was doing Art Basel. Nikki Beach incorpoates Art and creativity making it an Art themed Brunch.

Our visit was doing Art Basel. Nikki Beach incorpoates Art and creativity making it an Art themed Brunch.


Be sure to check out some dope art after you eat!

Be sure to check out some dope art after you eat!

Drunken Dragon : Have you tried Korean BBQ? Have you had a chance to actually cook it yourself? If not, Its a super cool experience.

Drunken Dragon is also an amazing cocktail bar with a live DJ. During Art Basel the vibe was such an experience. 90’s R & B playing and the aroma of meat on the grill, it’s a WIN! The restaurant really makes me feel like Im in a NYC speakeasy. I will be back!

Shrimp on the grill with mushrooms and short ribs

Shrimp on the grill with mushrooms and short ribs

Rooftop of The Local House- - South Beach Miami

  1. The Local House Miami - Breakfast/ Lunch/Seafood= Amazing brunch

Lobster rolls and Pancakes

Lobster rolls and Pancakes

2. Puerto Sagua Restaurant : Cuban Goodness …Authentic to the core

Cuban style Peppered Steak

Cuban style Peppered Steak

3. Nikki Beach Miami Beach - Sunday All you can eat brunch


4. Cayo Taco - Wynwood Taco Joint. Eat & Explore

I find myself researching things to do in random places often. Came across Cayo taco on yelp as I LOVE Mexican food!! The line is long but they move quick. Food is amazing and its on the top five in Wynwood places to eat!

Oh and its open until 3am! Always down for late night tacos, right?



5. Drunken Dragon - Miami Beach Korean BBQ


The EmporiYUM!!!


We spent the rest of the day eating and drinking all types of unique foods. We started out with special coconut cocktails from CoCo & CO. These drinks are amazing and made with Run from Cotton & Reed. If you are around next year and looking for cool events to hit with friends, please put EmporiYUM on your list! The ticket, the crowd and the wait are all worth it.


People that love to eat are always the best people - Juila Childs

As you may know, I am a HUGE foodie and The EmporiYUM is the foodie event of foodie events. I’ve eaten my way around a lot of food festivals but one thing different about this one, the quality of vendors!! It was a big food market @ DOCK5 in Union Market, filled with nothing but the tastiest treats from across the country. My friends and I grabbed advanced VIP tickets so that we could really get an experience. ( Do it) VIP tickets included, early admission and a fab goodie bag loaded with coupons and yummy samples.


At some point I thought I had eaten it all but then I came across Swizzler . Swizzler known for yummy grass feed burgers. Oh and, the gourmet hot dogs are to die for! Loaded toppings on a crispy bun, will have one forgetting what a regular hot dog taste like.


We had such a great time exploring and tasting but we could not leave without checking out a few others, like Ice Cream Jubliee and Maketto. Ice Cream Jubliee was the talk of the marketplace with its creative ice cream cookie sculptures and Rose floats. These sculptures ended up being shareable with friends and absolutely delicious. The Emporiyum is only once a year and geared towards a more modern, urban food lover. If you are all for a full belly then join me at next years event.


Afternoon Tea anyone?

High tea is a big deal in the UK… from elegant to casual, everyone is doing it! High tea is a meal started by the upperclass, eaten in the late afternoon or early evening, typically consisting of a cooked dish, bread and butter, and most importantly hot tea.

While visiting Fort Smith, Arkansas (home), my family and I made sure to check out Savoy Tea Co. Located in the heart downtown Fort Smith and staffed with certified tea specialist to make for an amazing expereince . Savoy has locations throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma. Savoy Tea Co. offers a large varieties of teas from tea gardens and family farms in China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, South Africa, Argentina. 

Fine China is key!

Fine China is key!

Celebrating a birthday, milestone, Intimate conversation, girlfriend time or just down for a new experience….. whatever it may be its called for some fine tea. To experience the best of this old tradition we made sure to find the perfect venue Savoy Tea Co.

High Tea has always been a fashionable experience. During the 1880’s upper-class and society women would change into long gowns, gloves and hats for their afternoon tea which was usually served in the drawing room between four and five o’clock. We as a family kept it super casual making the most of our experience.

Life is like a cup of tea, its all in how you make it- me

Life is like a cup of tea, its all in how you make it- me

Savoy Tea Co - We sipped on Green Tea- Lemon Berry Ballet

Savoy Tea Co - We sipped on Green Tea- Lemon Berry Ballet

Catching up with family

Catching up with family

Mommy and me enjoy each others company

Mommy and me enjoy each others company

FUN HOUSE DC - Summer Exhibit!!

Fun House DC-opened July 4th weekend and closed Labor Day weekend! If you missed out on the fun.... let me show you how much of a hit it was!  Please be on the lookout for the next exhibit by Snarkitecture’s . The exhibit at the  National Building Museum in Washington DC, an interactive exhibition forming part of the museum’s Summer Block Party series of temporary structures created inside its historic Great Hall.


As you can see, its a fun interactive place for family and children any day of the week. On Wednesday nights,  they host a late night  with a poppin DJ, cocktails and BBQ. The girls and I got advanced tickets and off went to explore!

Look up! Sneakers in the ceiling 

Look up! Sneakers in the ceiling 

We even got in some hoops. 

We even got in some hoops. 

The exhibit is set up like an actual home, front and back yard fun!  As you tour, be sure to look up, down, all around, and try to catch views of it from different perspectives to see how it all fits together. The backyard is the best part…. just beyond the house is the big kidney-shaped basin filled with those plastic white balls (if you went to THE BEACH, you know the ones), perfect like a scorching hot DC summer day. Jump in and have some fun!!!


The exhibit is set up like an actual home, front and back yard fun! As you tour, be sure to look up, down, all around, and try to catch views of it from different perspectives to see how it all fits together.

Bathroom shenanigans in the Fun House!

Bathroom shenanigans in the Fun House!


The backyard is the best part…. just beyond the house is a big kidney-shaped basin filled with those plastic white balls (if you went to THE BEACH, you know the ones), perfect like a scorching hot DC summer day.

Jump in and have some fun!!!

Jump up an get down....

Jump up an get down....


It's never a bad idea to visit Napa Valley

It’s never a bad idea to visit Napa Valley in February.

Visiting the Bay area with family.....Sign me anytime!! It was my job to put together an itinerary for some of the places we wanted to see. The main goal was to trek over to Napa Valley, after all, who doesn't love wine, seeing exciting views, and having a great time with the family.

Prior to arriving San Francisco, I completed my research on several wineries, and chose to visit the Brown Estate Downtown Winery and Raymond Winery.  For me, visiting two to three wineries is a max for me in a day…. Remembering that budget and time were of essence. Before heading out to the Valley, the fam and I indulged in a yummy brunch at PLOW in San Francisco, which is a recommended spot for brunching, and a place that I will definitely visit again when I return. The drive to Napa Valley was splendid. The rolling hills, and vineyards makes you love wine more.


Once we started to navigate our way to the Brown Estate, we found out that the Estate was easily accessible, as it was tucked away right in the heart of downtown. The Estate is in a prime location of Napa, and is surrounded by the cute boutiques and eateries. I suggest starting early, for shopping and eating. The lobby of the Brown Estate Downtown Winery was exquisite, and reminded of a New York City (NYC) chic hotel lobby. The spacious bar and friendly environment allowed for my cousins and I to pick up conversation with guests nearby, to discuss domestic and international traveling experiences.



Next stop, the Raymond Winery, which is about 30 minutes from Brown, and is located in St. Helena. Once we arrived, we felt a special energy, and immediately became overtaken by the absolutely amazing view. The scenery is described as one of the most picturesque views in Napa Valley, and I couldn't agree more. Raymond Winery allows guests to choose what type of experience they would like to have. The room to the left is the light wine experience, and room to the right is the Crystal Cellar experience (gives a vibe from the 50 shades of Grey). Of course we opted for the Crystal Cellar, OMG I was not disappointed with my visit to the Cellar, and the wine was absolutely divine.



My goal is to visit Napa once a year and to add a new vineyard experience each time. I can now say Napa Valley’s Brown Estate and Raymond Winery have been added to the favorites list. Until next time Napa Valley....


After doing a little research, I learned that the Brown Estate Downtown was a little difficult to find, and I determined I needed to make a reservation a few weeks in advance in order to maximize my time spent.  The Brown Estate is only 1.5 hours from San Francisco, but when you are with cousins, time just flies by.

The Brown Winery is built on family traditions, community, and love. My family and I started with a beautiful cheese spread along with wine samples. I went for option #2, as it was more of the bold reds that I love. The staff was very knowledgeable of the vineyard’s history, and made sure to create a great experience. 

Who do you see?? This may come across as a being a little odd, but before leaving I had to check out the unique and exquisite wallpaper in bathroom.

Who do you see?? This may come across as a being a little odd, but before leaving I had to check out the unique and exquisite wallpaper in bathroom.

While traveling to the next winery we came across an amazing flower field

While traveling to the next winery we came across an amazing flower field




#Pinknic2018...What a time!!

Summer is all about having fun under the sun, and enjoying outdoor festivals. Once I discovered the “Pinknic” Festival in NYC, I had to go!! This was the absolutely the best decision I've made all summer, and I recommend adding Pinknic to your summertime bucket list! Pinknic is an outdoor music festival that entails sipping on Rose’ all day, pinking up your dress attire, pinking your picnic essentials, and hanging out with your pinked-out friends. What more can a girl ask for? To me, Pinknic reminds me of a pinked-out mini version of Coachella with a Rose’ theme!


What is Pinknic? The “Pinknic” Festival is held on the magnificent Governors Island in NYC, which produces for an amazing backdrop. If you have never been, Governors Island is one of the most picturesque spots in NYC. Governors Island is located off the southern tip of Manhattan.

Prior to arriving at Pinknic, the girls and I scrambled all week to find the right outfits to accommodate the festival’s strict, but jovial dress code. Once I landed the perfect pink dress, I got super excited, and was set to experience the festival. The required advanced ticket purchase made for an easy and seamless entry onto the island, and the ferry ride from Brooklyn to Governors Island is included in the ticket as well.


Once I arrived to Governors Island, and seeing all the different shades of pink, I felt like I had stepped back into my 5-year-old self. Feeling like, I was back at Disneyland playing in my pretty pink princess dress. To top it all off, the weather was superb, making for great time, and a perfect weekend.  

Activities at the festival include frozen rose’, a Ferris wheel with views of lower Manhattan, rosé pong, a pool full of inflatable flamingos, great music and a dazzling firework show at sunset. This year Pinknic stepped it up, by adding some of NYC's most exquisite restaurants to the food garden. The atmosphere, the great food, and Rose' had a special way of bringing my friends and I closer together.


If you have extra cash to dish-out, Pinknic Festival has a VIP pass that includes some cool perks, like access to the VIP Pool Lounge and a VIP Garden full of hammocks, which I will be adding to my 2019 summer to do list.  I hope to see you guys next year and lets Rose’ all day!!

#pinknic #pinknic2018 #roseallday

#pinknic #pinknic2018 #roseallday

See Iceland/London

I love everything about traveling, history and experiencing new cultures. I am a firm believer one should see the world while they are physically and mentally able!  When my girls told me they found some amazing flight deals to Iceland I said…. Why not! Iceland has always been on my bucket list of places to visit, primarily because of the “Blue Lagoon”.  After lots of research and planning, I learned the history, culture and what adventure was waiting for me. We started with a basic list of all the things we each wanted to see and narrowed it down based on time and budget. After discovering cheap flights from Iceland to almost anywhere in Europe, we had no choice but to include London on the itinerary. 


We landed in Iceland at Reykjavik airport and within a 15 mins shuttle ride we had arrived at Blue Lagoon Spa. ( Be sure to get advanced tickets).  If you have never been please do your research in advance to understand what is expected and you will not be taking by surprise. This is by far the best way to spend the first couple hours in Iceland. Blue Lagoon is the most relaxing experience as the water is about 95 degrees.The water is enriched with silica, blue green algae, and mineral salts. These ingredients help cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and soften the skin (all while you are transported to a different mind set within the heavenly warm water). While soaking, many people make silica mud masks to give themselves facials. We also opted for comfy robes and flip flops just to give it a more spa feel.



The water was crowded with people from all over the world but it didn't feel overcrowded and everyone was very friendly. There are many places to refresh around the Blue Lagoon, such as the Lagoon Bar. The bar has great drinks from wine to cocktails to help one cool down in the warm water.


We soaked for hours and then made our way into Reykjavik to experience the city. Reykjavik is a fascinating city with many attractions to visit. The bar scene, restaurants and nightlife is excellent. After getting settled, we jumped on The Golden Circle Tour. The Golden Circle tour allows you to visit some of Iceland‘s most stunning sights; Geysir geothermal area, the waterfall Gullfoss, and the UNESCO site Þingvellir National Park.



We closed out our final days of vacation by taking a pilgrimage to London. I had always heard the the weather in London was awful but the good Lord shined down on us with amazing weather to make great memories. I thought New York City was large but I was in for a rude awakening with London’s vast population, history, culture and dazzling attractions to visit. You have to remember that you cannot visit everyplace but prioritizes what is important to you and within your budget. From Big Ben, The London Eye, walks around Buckingham Palace, yummy restaurants, bike rides in Hyde Park and lets not forget the must have “red phone booth” picture! Now it is time to go back to the USA!!

The next time you are in need of a short vacation add Iceland to your list!!



Explore VA wineries

Looking for a desirable getaway from the city, VA wineries are always a good idea! I love wine and the countryside especially when its within my budget. Virginia is for "Lovers" but its getting a reputation for some of the best wineries on the East coast. Over the holiday weekend, I hit up the girls and made a day trip  to wine country. I love to hit a few wineries in a day so starting out early is an absolute must! With just an hour outside of DC it was the perfect road trip. I made sure to pop in my top Beyonce tracks for some car dancing and throw on my free flowy dress because it gets extremely hot in the summertime. 

First stop of the day was Pearmund Cellers. We opted for the tasting being it was our first visit to the winery. I must say I fell in love with the Red selection. ( My favorite was the Amertiage Reserve and the 2016 Petit Manseng) On top fo it all the grounds are full of beautiful greenery, its absolutely breathtaking!!  After the tasting we purchased a bottle and camped out on the patio to take in the views.



Pearmund Cellers was packed with families, cute couples looking for an intimate getaway and girlfriends like us, celebrating life and the start of summer. With it being Memorial Day, Pearmund Cellers offered a variety of BBQ  giving us that much needed cookout feel. I left with a better understanding of what wines paired well with BBQ. After we finished eating and touring we made out way just 10 mins down the road to The Winery at La Grange. This is what I LOVE most about VA wineries, many of them are located super close together making it easy for me to hit multiples in one day! Driving up to La Grange is beautiful, it gives you that "old southern plantation" feel. 


So my first thought, this could be in a movie or better yet....I could see my wedding here! lol I have always dreamed of getting married at a vineyard. We walked into this home and it felt just like home. The staff greeted us with open arms and offered us a variety of tastings. We didn't have much time for a full tour but add La Grange to your list because the grounds are absolutely exquisite. They allow you to split the tastings into just white or red wines for only $9. You can also do both if you are feeling a little " frisky". I was truly prepared to drink all the wine but let's just say, two wineries was enough. We all left full, relaxed, and happy at how we kicked off the summer! I believe this was a great opportunity to catch up and enjoy much need girlfriend time. The next time you are looking for a quick escape from the city life or just need to celebrate in a new way, check out Pearmund Cellers and The winery at La Grange!!!!